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Gorillaz Boogieman by MichiNoSora Gorillaz Boogieman :iconmichinosora:MichiNoSora 0 0 Gasmask Princess by MichiNoSora
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Gasmask Princess :iconmichinosora:MichiNoSora 5 1
Part 5: Rogue Recruit
Watching Logan train was mentally exhausting. The man was a machine. A blood thirsty animal. Other than the fact that he pushed them all pretty hard in training sessions with him, none of them really seemed to know much about him. All she knew was that he was tough, strong, and a little scary at times. She heard him muttering a few times in the kitchen about there not being any beer and how the Professor wouldn't let him smoke inside the mansion. Kurt said that he saw the man sitting on the roof one night with a six pack and a cigar. Lili was sure he did that sort of thing often.
They all stood in the observation room of the Danger Room and watched Logan on the monitors as he crawled his way through the mansion air vents. Storm attacked him when he came out, but he managed to escape and crawl back in and make it all the way to the Danger Room. This training was to test the security of the Institute. Everything from the outer gate to the inner workings. Lili wasn't sure exactly what the
:iconmichinosora:MichiNoSora 0 0
Part 4: Longshot
“You girls need to hurry up. This is crazy! Other people need to use the bathrooms too!” the blue boy banged on the door loudly, “Come on! I can’t believe a building this big only has one bathroom,” he ranted on, “That bathroom is big enough for three people! You need to share it in the mornings! Ugh! Girls!” he seemed to finally give up as he started off down the hallway.
“Better luck tomorrow, Kurt,” she smiled as she slung her bag over her shoulder, “Maybe you should start showering at night. It takes you forever to dry anyway.”
The boy rolled his yellow eyes before turning his inducer on, “It’s just Jean and Kitty. It’s always them. At least I don’t have to fight you.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” she frowned as they started towards the door to Scott’s car.
“Nothing bad. You have an inducer like me. So long as we shower, we don’t really have to spen
:iconmichinosora:MichiNoSora 1 0
Part 3: The X-Impulse
“I can’t believe you got detention already. That’s gotta be some kind of record,” she sighed as the blue boy hung from the ceiling and teased her, “Ms. Darkholme must really not like you. What’d you do to her?”
Lili crossed her arms and sunk as low as she could into the couch, “I didn’t do anything to her. She just doesn’t like me. I was one minute late to a class. That’s it,” she defended herself as Kurt fell from the ceiling only to disappear into smoke for a moment before reappearing on the couch next to her. She waved her hand in front of her face a bit to clear the smoke, “Why does it smell like matches when you do that? If it wasn’t for the actual smoke, it wouldn’t be that bad.”
Kurt shrugged, “Don’t know. It’s just always been like that. Why were you late for class? Didn’t you ask someone where to go?”
“No. I got a little lost and then someone trip
:iconmichinosora:MichiNoSora 0 0
Part 2: Courage
Breath. Just breath.
That’s what Lili kept telling herself to do. If the other kids could do this, then so could she. It didn’t matter if she had more to hide than them. They were all teenagers and were going to have to deal with the same basic things. She couldn’t imagine that anyone actually liked going to school. It was still homework. She knew that from her homeschooling.
The Professor had Kurt and herself take a bunch of aptitude tests for placement. Kurt had done very well in a few areas, so had she. Most of the stuff on the tests were things her parents had taught her years ago. She guessed homeschooling had different set ups than public schools.
Lili ended up with classes she supposed she could handle. Higher level chemistry class, same for literature and math. Other than that, she was put into basic classes. She was amazed at how quickly the Professor got all of this worked out. One day she is home with her parents and the next she is watching a fight between
:iconmichinosora:MichiNoSora 0 0
Part 1: Strategy X
The wind felt good on her face. It was warm and comfortable. Normally, she was freezing, but the heat going in the cabin and the warm wind was nice. It was a perfect day outside. She really wished she didn’t have to be cooped up in this train car, but it wasn’t like she had many other choices. It was either this or stay at home. It wasn’t like staying home was a bad thing, but it was time for a change in her life. Starting with a little train ride.
The ride would have been just fine if she had a cabin to herself, but she didn’t. The two of them were dressed similarly. Both of them were wearing a thick, brown cloak. She knew why she was wearing hers, but she didn’t know why the other person was wearing theirs. The Professor had said that she would be traveling with ‘someone like her’.
“This is my first train ride. You?”
“Ja,” the accent of the other was thick, even with just one word, “Not sure I like it.”
:iconmichinosora:MichiNoSora 0 0
STOP SOPA by MichiNoSora STOP SOPA :iconmichinosora:MichiNoSora 1 0 Scruple Alone by MichiNoSora Scruple Alone :iconmichinosora:MichiNoSora 10 11 Birthday Girl by MichiNoSora Birthday Girl :iconmichinosora:MichiNoSora 0 0 Pool Baby by MichiNoSora Pool Baby :iconmichinosora:MichiNoSora 0 0 Sotsy Approves by MichiNoSora Sotsy Approves :iconmichinosora:MichiNoSora 0 0 Mr. Hyde Vol. II by MichiNoSora Mr. Hyde Vol. II :iconmichinosora:MichiNoSora 1 0 Surprise Kiss by MichiNoSora Surprise Kiss :iconmichinosora:MichiNoSora 0 0 Teenage Mutant Ninja...Piccolo by MichiNoSora Teenage Mutant Ninja...Piccolo :iconmichinosora:MichiNoSora 5 7 Casey Jones by MichiNoSora Casey Jones :iconmichinosora:MichiNoSora 1 0

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United States
You get one warning and one warning alone...I'm not a nice person. I can be, yes. But off hand, not usually. Most describe me as scary and I like that. There is a reason I prefer Mr. Hyde over Dr. Jekyll.

I'm a 24 year old mother and wife. I'm also a member on a literary and adult roleplay site: feel free to sign up if you're over 18. My name on there is Michi No Sora.

Anyways, comment or favorite anything of mine and I will thank you. I do have manners after all.

Current Residence: U.S.A.
Favourite genre of music: I'll listen to anything once
Operating System: One that works.
Wallpaper of choice: Anything with Jekyll or Hyde on it. ^^
Favourite cartoon character: Egon Spengler or Raphael
Personal Quote: Let me be your fool, sire. You need one, I assure you. Because only a fool dares tell you the truth.


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